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Postal Services for Resident Students

Mailboxes are provided for students living on campus.

Packages to and from home are part of the student experience at UWF.

We are your neighborhood U.S. 邮局


UWF resident student mail

Mailboxes are available to current resident students after signing up for campus housing. Students’ mail is placed in individually assigned mailboxes located in the 邮局 in the Commons.

Larger packages are shelved inside the 邮局 and can be picked up at the front counter. Notices for package pickup or for mail requiring a signature will be emailed to the student. For security reasons, only the addressee may pick up packages and photo identification, such as your 鹦鹉螺卡, 将被要求.

How to request a student mailbox - Resident students may request a mailbox in person by visiting the UWF 邮局 upon arrival on campus. Mailboxes can also be pre-assigned by submitting an email request to or by calling 850.474.2436. Your 9-digit 鹦鹉螺卡 ID number 将被要求 at the time of mailbox assignment.

UWF mailboxes have combination locks. After a mailbox has been assigned to you, the combination can be found online via MyUWF > search for “Postal Information.”

Addressing mail to resident students - To ensure proper handling of your mail and packages, 为了避免延误, please address mail to students living in UWF resident communities as follows:

  • 学生的名字
  • University of West Florida
  • 3XXXX* Campus Drive
  • 彭萨科拉,佛罗里达州32514

* 3XXXX: Insert the student’s 5-digit mailbox number here.

Moving out for the semester? Remember to complete a Change of Address request form. - If you are moving off campus or leaving for the summer, you must fill out a Change of Address form in person at the 邮局 or online via the UWF Change of Address Request Form.

If you are not on the current housing list for a UWF Community or Village East or West and have not left a forwarding address, your mail will be returned to sender. Notify Records and Registration of your address change as well.


  • To open your mail box, spin left (counter clockwise) all the way around to clear the lock, continue left to your first #, spin to the right to your second #, spin left again to your third #. To open the door, spin a bit more to the left and pull open.
  • 最重要的是: Spin the dial several times after you close your mailbox door to lock it. This will insure that your combination is not preset. Do not leave your mailbox combination preset for convenience. This will compromise your safety and privacy.
  • Never give your combination to another person. This will compromise your mailbox security.
  • Do not let items accumulate in your box.
  • Always pick up your packages and mail personally.
  • If you see any suspicious activity, report it immediately to a postal employee or the campus police.